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Check out our new pricing plans!

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Arena P provides a comfortable, private and spatial training space for freelance personal trainers to hold private or group classes. We are now excited to announce our gym rental pricing plans!


Gym Rental for Private Session:

2 credits

$100 per credit

20 credits

$90 per credit

40 credits

$80 per credit

100 credits

$70 per credit


- each credit is for a 30-minute training session with 1 trainer and 1 client while 2 credits is needed for a 1-to-2 30-minute session

- the credits will be expired 2 months after the day of purchase

- reasonable advance notice of cancellation shall be provided, credits will not be refunded in case of no show

- trainers will not be allowed to use the equipment without advance booking


In order to provide a comfortable and spatial training space for your clients, the number of persons using the venue is restricted. Please schedule your appointment with us in advance to secure your booking.

Venue rental is also available for you to arrange group classes, please contact us for details.

In case of any conflicts, Arena P will make the final decision.

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